What is a Hickey?

A love bite or Hickey, commonly known as a hickey was first observed in the behaviour of several mammals during or before mating rituals. It was commonly practiced by male mammals to have the female mammal’s neck between their teeth in order to have a firm grip during mating practices. With that being said, the pleasure in such behaviour of sadism in humans is very much normal. There is an association between pain and love which occurs amongst normal civilised men and women that have good sexual impulses. This can be viewed as an exertion of power which is our primitive instinct or as ancient traditions where the male pursues the female and female enjoy submission.

That is called a true love bite

A ‘hickey’ is a type of bruise which results from significant biting, sucking or forceful kissing, usually around the neck or on the arm. Our body harbours several vessels which help transport blood throughout our body. These vessels are sensitive and fragile under our skin, especially in thin-skinned areas. The smaller blood vessels are called capillaries and through intense suction or biting can rupture the tissue which causes blood vessels to bleed under the skin. The collected blood under our skin has no place to escape and so starts clotting. Initially it is red but due to lack of oxygen the blood dries up turning into a darker purple or brown shade.

Different thoughts of People On HICKEY

To some people a hickey is like a trophy that they show of t their friends because it means they got lucky, but to other people it can be a condemning proof that they have cheated. These are the emotional implications of a hickey, but there are health issues that can come from these love bites. In any case, we are going to focus on the things that you can do in order to get rid of a hickey as fast as possible.

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Facts about Hickey like Size of Hickey

Hickeys vary in size and depth of damage created. Like any other bruise, hickeys don’t go away for a long time. Untreated hickeys usually last for about one to two weeks or longer, depending on the severity of the hickey. The clotted blood needs time to disperse and slowly spread into the surrounding tissue. While they may not leave a permanent mark or damage but it is relatively painful in nature. For fast relief from a hickey, the best things to do in order to get rid of a hickey is put something cold on it and apply pressure to assist the clotted blood vessels.

For people who are passionate and enjoy such sadistic activities, hickeys can be fun but at the same time they can be a little embarrassing and inappropriate when you are in the public, at work or in a family environment. It is usually hard to hide a hickey and can be very uncomfortable when you try to do so. So therefore, be careful next time when you let someone sink their teeth in, do you really want to bear the consequences?