How to Hide a Hickey with or without MakeUP

Hickeys are basically skin bruises that are also known as love bites. What may seem like a rite of passage for many, can be a source of embarrassment for others.  Covering up your hickey with a scarf or sweater can be done easily enough, but when it’s warm out or the conditions don’t allow you to cover up, there’s a variety of ways to hide your hickey.

Before you learn how to cover up a hickey with makeup, it’s a good idea to understand why these skin abrasions happen.  By sucking on your skin, blood will rise to the surface of your skin and leave the undesired mark.  The act of giving or receiving a hickey isn’t unnatural, but that doesn’t stop many people from trying to hide their love marks from their friends, colleagues, parents, or anyone who might pass them on the street.

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Any of these methods can not help you to get rid of hickey. If you are interested in get rid of it then check out our post on Get Rid of a Hickey on Neck

Makeup can mask the hickey and lessen its appearance or even make it look like it was never there. If you ae a boy, you’ll need some help or have to take a brave and embarrassing trip to your local store for makeup supplies. Either way it’s important to have all the right materials before you start covering your hickey up with makeup.

There are a few basics things you need to begin:

  1. Makeup Brush
  2. Concealer
  3. Color correctors (various colors will help)
  4. Foundation

When you have your makeup ready, it’s time to begin. If you are familiar with how to apply makeup, this part should be fairly easy. To begin you will be using the color correctors to apply several layers of opposing color to the hickey area. It’s good to begin with yellow or a light color that closely matches you skin color.

Apply the yellow corrector to the affected area until you have a nice even patch of coverage. The yellow color will help neutralize the red and purple of your hickey, and help get rid of the bruising appearance.

Now you will use the opposing color on the corrector wheel to neutralize the color you’ve just applied. Begin with green and cover lightly with a thin brush, until the red and purple appearance of your hickey is lessened. If you’ve gone too far you can restore more of your natural color with some red corrector, until you’ve gotten close to your natural skin tone.

When you are done with that step, it’s time to use your concealer to apply over the hickey. The concealer should be as close to your skin color as possible, and blend in the concealer with a makeup brush. Feathering the concealer and making a smooth transition from the affected area to your skin is important here.

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