How to Give a Hickey on Neck

Hickey on neck

Hickey may be a new term for many but it is just another name of love bites and it could be appeared on any part of body due to sucking, biting or even kissing the skin very tightly. The main area where hickeys marks appear very easily are links, neck, arm and thighs.

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What if you have a family meeting coming up or an important presentation to do and you happen to have a hickey on your neck? This can be the cause of embarrassment for some people and even when there is nothing wrong with getting a hickey, it can make your skin look terrible. Remember that a hickey is simply blood that has been suctioned to the outer layer of your skin, so if you are wondering how to get rid of a hickey fast, this could be the way to do it right.Many of us make the first hickey in the wrong way.Here is an interesting post on how to give someone your First Hickey

couple kissing to have a hickey on neck

How to Give a Hickey On Neck

Some people complain that their partner or they did not get hickey on neck during passion play. Well to have hickey you just not need to have soft and fragile skin but also an expert to give a hickey or love bite to your partner. Neck is a perfect place to five hickey. Following i am sharing a quick tutorial about how to give a hickey on neck.

  • Ask from the permission from the partner
  • Start from for play like kissing lips
  • Kiss on neck and find the most soft part of neck with your lips by pressing the neck skin
  • Once you found the place, start sucking that part. Keep your teeth away because it could hurt your partner
  • Suck hard enough to break capillaries.
  • Suck continuously for up to 1 minutes.

Hickey may be appear within seconds or can be delay for few minutes, depends how well you sucked. For instant tip, you can bite too to give hickey on neck, but it should not be too hard

There is nothing wrong to have marks of hickey on your neck as long as your family and people know about your relationship and you are out as a open minded person. It is actually a fashion in friend circle to show hickey love bites to your friends to jealous them. But sadly not all people has such kind of freedom and could be very embarrassing for them if someone notice hickey on their neck or any other part of body. So, you need to find out different ways to get rid of hickey permanently

May be possible that you get this hickey accidentally and now you want to hide that or possibly get rid of that. Don’t worry because we have already written about that common issues and you will surely love that info.

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